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Muffle Furnace


(Model No.RS00F0101)
Light Weight Maximum Temp. 1000°C and working temp. up to 900°C Heating is done by Embedded Heater run around the chamber & controlled by Energy Regulator ± 5°C or Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller, the outer body is made of thick mild steel duly painted. The apparatus is complete with pyrometer. Thermo-couple, silver fuse, two Neon lights with wire and plug to work on 220/230 Volts AC, (with Silicone Fiber insulation)

Muffle Furnace is available with outer casing made using mild steel sheet in powder coated finish. The heating elements are made using kanthal a -1 wire and feature high temperature ceramic wool insulation, thus assisting in avoiding probable energy.

Further, the advanced temperature control unit comprises energy regulator, digital temperature indicator that comes fitted in front of furnace using two pilot lamps as well as with power plug provision also provides for achieving optimum functional operations.
Features :
  • System based on based on rotating disc-splash plate principles
  • System producing super fine particles of micron size that become part of atmosphere so as to deliver efficient performance and provide for uniform humidity
  • The upward thrust imparted to micron sized water droplets through use of high speed motorized unit makes them remain suspended in atmosphere for longer time duration
  • System feature high density ceramic fiber insulation as well as abrasion resistant chamber that helps in supporting heavy loads
  • Thick P.C.R.C. sheet and duly powder coated based outer and intermittent walls
  • Heating elements developed using KANTHAL "A-1" grade wire
  • Finding suitability for different purposes like for gravimetric analysis for organic substance as well as sin applications involving measurement of quantity for coal and lime presence
  • Process support provided by auto tuned digital P.I.D. controller that provides for precise control in temperatures
  • High performance based heater installation in chamber that provides for uniform heating
  • Supports reduction in time of temperature climb
  • High density ceramic wool as insulation support that assists in maintaining consistent temperatures as well as minimal heat dissipation
Specifications :

Working Chamber Size
Size Of Muffle Rating KW (For 1000� C) Rating KW (For 1200� C)
100 x 100 x 225mm 1.5 2.5
125 x 125 x 250mm 2.0 3.0
150 x 150 x 300mm 3.0 4.0
175 x 175 x 475mm 5.0 5.5
175 x 125 x 475mm 4.5 5.0
200 x 200 x 300mm 4.0 5.0
200 x 200 x 450mm 4.5 6.0
225 x 225 x 450mm 5.0 6.0
Electrical Supply 220/230V AC, 50/60Hz or 300/440 Volts AC.